You met this amazing man, you thought you were on the same page about marriage, kids, everything. Fast forward a few years and the frustration is almost as strong and deep as your love is.  


It's not just you. 


The average mother works 98 hours a week. 

Stay at home moms save their families $162,000 a year!

 75% of American moms said that our society doesn't support them.

Working harder? Check.

Contributing to the family? Check.

Getting support???

What the HELL is wrong with him?

Why can't he see that I'm drowning?

The short answer? Capitalism and patriarchy. 


But you married a progressive guy. He voted for Hillary! HE'S ONE OF THE GOOD ONES!  And that may be true, but he also was born into, came of age in, and still lives under the combined systems of white supremacy, capitalism, and patriarchy. So do you. So do I. 


It's the air we breathe.


And you cannot make deep, lasting change in your marriage - the kind of change that will take you from at each other's throats to "us against the world" without doing the work to unpack how those systems have and are affecting you. That's why the changes you've made so far don't stick. 


But you are not broken - motherhood is. 


In Motherload Liberation you will learn to: 

  • Identify where capitalism and patriarchy are affecting your family so that we can protect our families from them and stop them from being passed on. 

  • Let go of anger when you truly understand how outside systems, your past trauma, and present circumstances are affecting how you interact with those you love. 

  • Reclaim your power as we learn to ask for the things you want and need - and how to get them. 

  • Embrace peace through healthy boundary setting that allows you to truly care for yourself and your family.

  • Change your life with specific, actionable goals and the support to meet finally them.

  • Create deeper connections with your partner and children, allowing you to become the mother you want to be.

  • Free yourself from passive/aggressive tendencies that haunt your current situations and keep you stuck repeating hurtful (to yourself and others) behaviors.

  • Create communities of support for yourself and your family so that you are not carrying the mother load alone.



I love that you start off wide and get narrow, and also the explanations of WHY men are the way they are- so it wasn’t just a big ol man bashing course but more like ‘hey, this sucks, here’s WHY it’s the way it is.’ I can get stuck in a pattern of resentment so having the framework of where certain behaviors come from was very helpful.

Rachel, Fall 2019

My husband and I felt like we needed something completely different. We were in counseling and it was working, but not to the degree we wanted it to. We were having the same conversations over and over and over and it was going nowhere. I was saying, “I'm doing too much work, I need more help,” etc. etc. And he was hearing “you're not doing enough.” I'd get defensive and we’d just go in this circle. 
Motherload Liberation helped us look at it more as we were a team on the same side, fighting against the system. This course gave us tools to think about things differently and communicate effectively. It’s been really helpful for me as an individual, for my marriage, and for how we’re going to raise our son.

Meghan, Fall 2019

    Modules Include:

      • Capitalism. Patriarchy, & Societal Expectations

        How do these systems impact us as we grow and learn what a parent should be, gender roles and expectations, and how it can be true that he's doing more than his own father ever would have - and it still isn't enough. This is where we dig into the WHY on a systemic level - and take a look at how these systems are showing up in your relationship today.  

      • Your Family & His

        There are cultural and class factors that show in how you were raised, how he was raised and how you want to raise your own kids. This is also where we talk about any history of childhood trauma and boundary setting with families. You'll learn about ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and how you can protect your own children from them. 

      • Asking For What You Want & Need

        Now that we've built a background and a lens through which you can view your current relationship - we'll dive into how those factors affect the way you communicate now. Learn what is holding you back from communicating clearly and effectively and/or what may be holding him back from truly hearing you. 

      • Claiming The Changes

        How do you get specific about deep structural change in your relationship? What could lighten your mental, emotional, and physical load RIGHT NOW so that you have the capacity to work through deeper change? This is the week we get into the nitty-gritty of what needs to shift in your household in order for you to thrive and how you can make your husband a partner in that process. 

      • Creating Networks of Support

        Your family doesn't exist in a vacuum. All of you need the support of a wider network in order to implement the changes you need - and keep them in place. How do you do that if your extended family doesn't share your beliefs? Or if you don't have close friends to talk to? Or if you are his sole emotional support? This week will answer those questions and you'll create a plan to surround yourself and your family with what you need.  

      • Get Scripted

        We'll begin by discussing effective communication techniques, your communication style (and his!) and how to choose when and where to have tough conversations. Then it's time to create your script and your plan! 


      The Details:

      • Live Classes On Saturday

        Classes are one hour, with a thirty minute Q&A session after. If you can't be with us live, recordings of each class are posted the same day.

      • Partner Pack

        Each week you'll receive an email with articles, videos, podcasts, and questions for your partner. These are sourced from dads for dads - because he has work to do. 

      • Workbook

        You'll get a workbook with all of the course exercises and plenty of space to keep track of your thoughts, questions, revelations, and plans!

      • Lifetime Access

        You get lifetime access to the website and social network for the course. Here you can post questions, access resources, and return for a refresher at any time. 

      • One on One Support

        Get personal support from Graeme during the course via direct message in the platform or email. Alumni are also offered discounted continued support because we all work at different speeds. 

      • Payment Plan

        You can choose a one-time payment of $750 or three monthly payments of $250.  

      Honestly, one of the most helpful self-development courses I’ve taken. I wish I had some of these tools and perspectives in my back pocket before coming a mom!

      I love the structure and how it brings you towards moving into action while also respecting wherever you happen to be in the process. I’m not normally a homework person, but I found your assignments very helpful in taking something overwhelming emotional into the realm of actionable possibilities. I also love your personality and presence in the course. Lastly, hearing from the other women was SO validating and made me feel less crazy.

      Krista, Spring 2019

      Hey mama, 

      You can stay where you are - frustrated, exhausted, and feeling so alone. I understand how hard it can be to choose YOU. Choosing to spend time and money on yourself when everything else feels so much more important can be one of the most radical acts of motherhood there is. 


      Because the truth is that you are the one they need to be healthy and whole if your family is going to thrive. 


       That anger and frustration you're feeling right now, the fear that is holding you back - taking action will release those. You can stay stuck - with no one to help you see clearly, with no place where you can be truly honest about what is happening and how you're feeling, with no idea how to make lasting changes. 


      Your family will stay stuck with you.


      Or you can choose YOU and free everyone. 

      Get Liberated!

      Motherload Liberation is a six-week online course built by a mom for moms. So yes, you can take it in your pajamas, at your favorite coffee shop, or even while hiding from your kids in the bathroom. 


      There’s a better way to do motherhood - Motherload Liberation is it.

      • Live And Recorded Classes, because moms are busy and not everyone can show up to class live!

      • Partner Packs, weekly mini-class for husbands and partners, because this isn't just about you.

      • Private website and group, off of Facebook and away from distractions - where you'll get daily access to me!

      • Multiple Payment Options, get lifetime access to the course for $750 or three monthly payments of $250!

      I felt like I was the default parent on a lot of things, and didn’t necessarily feel like I had a partner so much as an occasional helper. Our relationship really didn’t feel balanced, and every conversation we had about it never really went anywhere.

      I already kinda knew what I needed to do, but Graeme helped me come to terms with actually doing those things. She also helped me determine what steps we needed to take as a family to figure things out and help my hand through the process. Basically we figured out the “How” for me to move forward and my husband has been really receptive. Our conversations have gone from resentful to productive, and we’ve been making changes and it’s actually starting to stick.

      Claire, Spring 2019

      Meet Your Coach

      The Mom For Moms

      Graeme Seabrook

      Graeme Seabrook is a maternal mental health expert, advocate, and community leader who helps moms remove their capes and reconnect with their whole selves.  As a certified life coach and founder of The Mom Center, an online community exclusively for moms, she’s coached over 2,000 women on how to place their names at the top of their priority list, without guilt or shame.


      Her unique approach to her work includes a methodology that sits at the intersection of capitalism, patriarchy, and self-care. Graeme’s message moves beyond the traditional themes of finding balance and improving productivity for moms, and takes a 360 degree look into strategies that encourage their complete mental and emotional wellness.  


      A voice of authority in her niche, she’s made numerous appearances in various media outlets and platforms as a speaker, writer, and podcast guest. Through her own podcast, “Your Mom Friend,” she leads thoughtful conversations with other real moms about the challenges and triumphs of their journeys.


      Described as radical, honest, and uplifting, Graeme’s work is inspired by her own experience with recovering from a traumatic birth and battling postpartum depression, when she became a mom for the first time. Her goal is to put moms in the spotlight and celebrate them for their courage to stand boldly in the truth of who they are - with or without capes.

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