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You're surrounded by moms everywhere. They're online, at your kid's school, in the grocery store, in your family - so then why do you feel so alone? Like no one gets you, like no one truly sees you or hears you? 


It's exhausting always having to be different versions of yourself with different people. Always having to prove that you love your kids before you can say one negative word about your life. Not celebrating your wins too loudly so you don't make anyone else uncomfortable. 


You know that you need to care for yourself so that you can be the mom and the person you want to be.




I mean, it's not like your day is overflowing with free time and energy. That's where The Mom Center comes in 

Welcome to The Mom Center - a community of moms who are squarely on your side. 

Mom Center Moms Will

  • remind you when perfectionism is lying to you,
  • share their resources and ideas
  • think your snarky t-shirt is hilarious
  • never come at you with judgment

And above all they are genuinely happy to see you and to see the parts of you that you think no one understands. 


  • Daily Self-Care Tips

    Because I know you need them. Simple, actionable, and effective tips & tricks so that you can do more than cope with your life - you can THRIVE.

    In less than 5 minutes.

  • Guest Experts

    At least once each quarter we'll welcome experts in topics like single parenting, sex and sexuality, parenting kids with special needs, divorce, and more!

  • Privacy 

    No notifications from your second cousin's new girlfriend popping up while you're trying to write a post. This is a private, moms only social network. 

  • Personalized Notifications

    So you don't miss anything - and don't get overwhelmed!  Choose the topics you want to follow and get exactly what you need.

  • Resource Library

    Articles, book recommendations and reviews, tips and tricks, podcasts, TV shows, TED Talks, our resource library is packed with information and love from all our moms!

  • Community Calls

    Grab your coffee (or beverage of choice) and join the community for a LIVE video chat - because sometimes we just need to talk to adults.

The Mom Center is a website and an app - yeah - but it's also so much more than that. It's a place free of distractions - away from the drama and mess of Facebook, where you will be surrounded by moms who get it...and get YOU. 


When you're hiding from your kids in the bathroom, or sitting in your driveway too tired to walk inside, shaking outside your boss' office before the big meeting, or when you have a BIG WIN you worry will be too much (or not enough) to say out loud - we are your mom squad. 


The Mom Center is the only space I have where I can go and I feel like I can 100% tell my truth and everything will be just fine.

It's not judgmental, it's just supportive. I never post in there and feel like I'm going to get some sort of messed up response, or like posting is going to make things worse.

It’s always a positive experience in that space.


Sarah, Mom of an elementary schooler

Mothering is a Behavior

Not an Identity


In The Mom Center you'll find moms who are queer, who are straight, who are cis, who are non-binary, who are single, who are married, who are divorced, who have disabilities, who have mental illnesses, who have an unhealthy love of Pink Starbursts... oh wait, that's just Graeme... 


We are all races, all creeds, all classes, all freaking exhausted - ALL MOMS. 


Are you a mom? Cool! Start your free trial and...

Join at the "Live Access" Level and


Monthly LIVE Mama Mastermind Broadcasts With Graeme!

  Each month I'll broadcast a half-hour Mama Mastermind because not everything can be solved in a written post. Sometimes we need to talk it out to help you reach that ah-ha moment that changes EVERYTHING. 

Topics include:

  • How To Mom Yourself (no matter what is happening in your life)

  • Getting What You Want And Need

  • Finding Clarity...and holding onto it

  • Courage vs Confidence

  • Transitioning Through The Ages and Stages of Motherhood

  • Self-Care When Everything's Falling Apart

And so much more! I tailor the talks to the current needs of our members and you'll also be able to submit ideas for mastermind talks. "Live Access" members can come hang out with me live during the talk, ask questions, and get immediate feedback - and all members can watch the replay in our video section!

“I love the little action steps to keep the week’s topic right at the front of my mind. It helps me focus instead of looking at all the shiny new things or thinking about all the dumpster fires on the Internet” 


Mom of two tweens 

“I joined because Recovering from Recovery set me on a path that I want to continue. Plus, she (meaning Graeme) is really fun while being really genuine...and she seems to bring together some amazing folks, so I wanted to be part of all that. Momming can be lonely, and I crave community. 


Mom of a toddler and a pre-schooler

“I need DAILY structures for accountability or I won’t remember/make time to take care of me”


Single mom of a kindergartener

Membership Options

Choose from two options tailored to your needs and lifestyle. BOTH come with a one-month free trial! 


there's an app for that!


  • Private website and app
  • Daily prompts
  • Community support
  • Recordings of Mama Masterminds


no mo fomo!


  • Everything in the community level
  • Twice monthly Coffee Chats - virtual hangouts where you can see all your friends without having to leave your house (or put on pants!)
  • LIVE access to the Mommy Mastermind video calls and hot-seat coaching
  • LIVE access to the Guest Mom video calls with experts, coaches, & speakers 

Hi, I'm Graeme

And I'm about to mom you...

I'm a maternal mental health expert, advocate, and community leader who helps moms get clarity on who they are and what they need - AND THEN GO GET IT.


I've coached over 2,000 moms on how to place their names at the top of their priority list, without guilt or shame. So yeah, there isn't much that I haven't heard. 


That's why I created The Mom Center, because I keep meeting moms who think deep down that they are specially broken, that no one will understand them, that they're the only ones drowning. But I know that no matter how dissimilar our stories may seem, motherhood is a genre that we're all writing in. And I know something else. 




We need people to listen to our stories, to truly hear us. And as we share ourselves we give others the courage to do so as well. 


I approach motherhood and coaching through a lens that sits at the intersection of capitalism, patriarchy, and self-care. Mothering is a behavior and SO MUCH affects it. That's why my message moves beyond the traditional themes of finding balance and improving productivity for moms, and takes a 360 degree look into strategies that encourage their complete mental and emotional wellness.  



I will mom you and you will like it. 

Inside The Mom Center

It's casual - moms on video chats from their beds, moms in pajamas, making breakfast or folding laundry while we talk. Someone has to hop off the call to drive their kid somewhere and someone else comes in halfway because their kid tried to blow up the kitchen sink with a science experiment. 


It's a place where you can simply show up as you with no editing required.  There's no need to worry about your second cousin's girlfriend calling your best friend and telling her what you said in the group. Whether we're chatting in the app or hanging out on video we are the village. That village everyone talks about needing but no one can fully describe - it's here. 


Bring your hopes, your insecurities, your best poop stories, your biggest coffee mug, your questions, and as many Pink Starbursts as you can find. When you open the site you can BREATHE knowing that everyone has your back and the answers you need are minutes away.

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