He's working from home...

So why are you still doing

all the HOMEwork?

It’s not that you’re weak or that your partner is incompetent. Capitalism and patriarchy show up in our homes with roles that assume that moms will be the unpaid CEOs of family life. 

We are taught to “ask for help,” but we don’t need help—we need shared responsibility.

Motherload Liberation

This ten-week course and coaching package will provide a baseline shift in how you view the role of motherhood and how you see yourself in that role. 

Motherload Liberation takes you beyond organization and boundary-setting into the deeper work needed for those practical changes to stick—and provides a year of personalized support when the course is complete.

Enrollment Is Closed For 2021

Resentment Rescue!

Being the angry, bitchy mom isn’t how you 

envisioned motherhood, but that is the natural 

result of overwhelming and unrealistic expectations

—especially if there is another parent in the 

house who isn’t fully parenting.


This isn’t about who does the laundry

 or makes the lunches—it’s about who 

takes responsibility for your family.

This Course Is A Course Correction



Who carries the loads—emotional, mental, educational, physical, financial—of running your household?


And why?

Motherload Liberation will help you let go and shift the weight of family life off of your shoulders to where it should be—shared by both of you.


Motherload Liberation will change the way you see 

yourself and your partner and will help you re-imagine 

what is possible for your family while giving you the 

long-term support you need to reach your goals.




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Course Details

Motherload Liberation is both a live course and a group coaching experience. We will meet weekly for a live class, and between class meetings, you will get 1:1 support from me and connect with other moms in your cohort through our support group.

Part One - The Tyranny Of The Perfect Mother

Part Two - Daddy Issues

Part Three - Beyond The Motherload

Part Four: Personalized Support

A two week window during which time students can schedule a 1-1 session with Graeme for support on anything related to the course. 


Enrollment is closed for 2021!


Choose from a one-time payment or monthly payment plan. 


payment plans available

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This course may be for you if...

  • You need to find an end to mom guilt.

  • You need help in setting boundaries and sticking to them.

  • You want the freedom to ask for what you need and what you want

  • You want to embrace your whole self instead of “just” being mom.

  • You know this work is better in community than trying to go it alone.


Frequently asked questions

When are the classes?

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How much time will this take a week?

What's the payment plan? 

The course is $1250. You can pay that upfront or in five monthly installments of $250, or ten monthly installments of $125. 

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What is The Mom Center?

Hi, I'm Graeme. 

I help moms who are ready to make changes in their lives. I offer guidance and support for mothers who are searching for the scattered pieces of themselves and trying to figure out how to care for themselves and their families at the same time. I can help you to lay down the mental load, to find the self you thought you lost, and to truly be the mom you want to be.


My work is to meet moms where they are and help them discover where they want to be and reach that place. There is no one right motherhood journey, but there is a journey that is right for you and your family. Everything that I do - coaching, community creation, writing, products - it’s all to help you find and savor that journey.



This is the part where I’m supposed to make you a bunch of promises and paint you a picture of the perfect life you’ll have after taking this course. But the truth is that I don’t know what your life will look like when we’re done here. 


I do know that you’ll have a deep understanding of yourself, your needs, your boundaries, and what has been holding you back from making changes in your life before this. 


You’ll have a deeper understanding of why your partner is the way he is and the outside forces that have been affecting your relationship without you even knowing about them. 


You’ll have the support and the tools you need to make the changes that you want to see in your life and in your relationship - those tools and support all personalized for you and your specific situation. And that support will be available to you for a year. So you’ll also have time. 


You’ll know the why. 

You’ll see the how. 

You’ll have the support. 


What you do with it - that’s the magic part.

Take Good Care, 


Enrollment is closed for 2021!

100% Privacy. Your info is safe with us!

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